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Sid Vicious and Dee Dee Ramone....R.I.P.

Dee Dee * 18.09.1952 + 06.06.2002
Sid *10.05.1957 + 02.02.1979

Ramones - Love Kills

(written by Dee Dee Ramone)

Sid was a punk rock king Nancy was a broken queen
Their lives were so glamorous Sid and Nancy were a mess
When you're hooked on heroin Don't you know you'll never win
Drugs don't ever pay You really did it your way

Love kills
Love kills
Love kills

We still believe in anarchy It makes me so damn angry
Sid and Nancy meant a lot to me You may be dead but your souls are free
Like Romeo and Juliet You two made a pact of death
Like the needle that ya used Sid and Nancy were born to lose

Love kills
Love kills
Love kills

Sid never meant any harm He shot some dope into his arm
All he wanted was some fun Now she's lying in a pool of blood
Always loaded, always high Why did you have to die?
I'll say one thing is It leaves me with a bitter taste

Love kills Love kills Love kills
Love kills Love kills Love kills
Love kills Love kills Love kills

Dee Dee
(by Terrorgruppe)

Dee Dee Two Verses and a Melody
Dee Dee Dee Dee Songs made for Eternity
Dee Dee Dee Calling Immortality
Dee Dee Dee Dee Always in our Memory

One Chord Two Chordy maybe a third,
faster as you ever heard
bubblegum and blitzkrieg bop
giving birth to punkrock

Bubblegum and Blitzkrieg Bop
Fresh Food for the Pogo Mob

Dee Dee Little Boy from Germany
Dee Dee Dee Dee Delinquant Biography
Dee Dee Dee Driving Speed and Energy
Dee Dee Dee Dee Song always inside of me

One Chord Two Chords Maybe a third
faster as you ever heard
Ampeq, Marshall and Three Chords
Kill those Prog Rock Dinosaurs

Ampeq, Marshall and Three Chords
Stamp out all those Effect Boards

Dee Dee Rock n' Roll Celebrity
Dee Dee Dee Dee Punk Rock Touring Casualtie
Dee Dee Dee Drug Addiction Tragedy
Dee Dee Dee Dee Overdosed so suddenly

Dee Dee Bass deep down to his knees
Dee Dee Dee Dee 1 2 3 4 Chorephy
Dee Dee Dee Writin Punk Rock History
Dee Dee Dee Dee On and On Eternally





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